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Rewriting Your Reality

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare. I was asked about this by a client recently,the concept was new to him. The war between;Good and Evil;Light and Darkness;God and the Devil;whatever you believe it’s called doesn’t matter. My experience with this concept goesdirectly to thethoughts we think,and...


Keeper of the Light

Original publish date April 2018 When searching for happiness, or “the Light”, what are we really searching for? Think of a lighthouse. Picture it on a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky. I picture a thin, round structure, standing tall. It is white with a red stripe spiraling...


The Secret garden

Original post April 2018 I invite you to meet two of my alter egos, Lilly and Rose, as each move through their gardening journey of life. Lily is the creator of a huge garden that is well known by many. She mastered her craft and people took notice. The amount of energy, love and care that...