Spiritual Warfare.

I was asked about this by a client recently,
the concept was new to him.
The war between;
Good and Evil;
Light and Darkness;
God and the Devil;
whatever you believe it’s called doesn’t matter.

My experience with this concept goes
directly to the
thoughts we think,
and the actions we take.

What do you give your energy to?
What are you feeding?

Do you feed fear? Negativity? Gossip?

Or do you take the high road?

Feed the love? Compassion? Acceptance?

Do you give people the benefit of the doubt?
Or jump to the worst possible scenario?

Do you believe and engage in gossip?
Or do you shut it down?

Words create reality.
To engage in gossip,
To repeat gossip,
Is black magic.

The tongue is powerful and
essentially to speak ill of another
is cursing them.

To pick up the gossip
and repeat it
Or worse,
take the words back to the person being cursed,
thinking you are doing them a favor,
being a friend.
You’re not.

You are actually doing the dirty work for the person who told you.
You are picking up the sword (words) of hate and carrying it,
Sharing the words with the object of topic is like stabbing them in the heart.
It’s what the darkness wants
Carry their hate for them….

People who love themselves don’t spread hate.
People who love themselves see that the gossiper is in pain
They do not pick up the hate
They do not carry it
And they do not transfer it to another.

A friend shuts the gossip down.
A friend doesn’t listen
A friend doesn’t repeat
A friend protects the object of the gossip
A friend alchemizes the situation

We are all human.
We all make mistakes.
Take responsibility for our own actions,
That is all we can do.

I believe people do the best they can
With the knowledge they have
And the tools they have
In any given moment.

Yes, we get scared and screw up.

Yup, we make mistakes.

I can respect and forgive anyone
Willing to own their behavior.

Judgment is a reflection of you.
Gossiping is a sign of weakness.

It takes integrity to shut it down,
It takes strength to shut it down.
It takes trust to shut it down.

Release yourself from the heard
Release yourself from the need
And stand in your power.
Shine your light.
Be the change.

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